November Recap: Event and Collaboration

Last Updated 12/8/2023

As November bids farewell and we welcome the festive season, it's time to reflect on the meaningful connections and partnership we've fostered within the vibrant community of Greater Philadelphia. This month has been an exciting journey, marked by gratitude, collaboration, and a series of impactful events that have left a lasting impression on us at the Asian American Chamber of Commerce Greater Philadelphia (AACCGP).

Board of Director Engagement: Ascend IAG Conference and Unity Week Luncheon

In November, our board chair Nick Shenoy joined a panel discussion during the Unity Week Luncheon to share the current landscape for divers-owned businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. He also attended Ascend Greater Philadelphia's 2023 Inspiring Across Generation Conference that create the opportunity to engage in a thought-provoking conversation about the delicate balance between AI and human connection and its impact on diversity. 

AREAAGP Annual Holiday and Awards Luncheon: Celebrating Excellence

The month kicked off on a high note with the AREAA Greater Philadelphia Chapter Annual Holiday and Awards Luncheon, where we had the privilege of celebrating the outstanding achievements that AREAA team has done to support home ownership among AAPI community and beyond.

Ascend Greater Philadelphia: 2023 Inspiring Across Generations Annual Conference

Ascend is a national Asian Professional organization counterpart of NAAAP. We are so honor that our chairman, Nick Shemoy was one the many panelists to join in on the spotlight on Greater Philadelphia diverse business organizations. 

Greater Philadelphia and South-Korea Business Opportunities Discussion 

In an effort to bring international business to the Greater Philadelphia region, AACCGP collaborated with KAAGP to host a dynamic business opportunity discussion with two incubator businesses from Inhwa University and Korean Auto Parts Association who is looking to start their business in the Greater Philadelphia region. This gathering provided a platform for learning, collaboration, and the exchange of valuable insights to foster growth within the AAPI business community in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Philadelphia Summit: A Partnership for Progress

Collaboration took center stage as we joined forces with the Diverse Chamber Coalition of Philadelphia and Verizon to host the "Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Philadelphia Summit." This event was a testament to our commitment to supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs, providing them with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the digital era.

Celebrate Comcast Rise Day: Connecting with Recipients

Participating in Comcast Rise Day was an honor, allowing us to connect with recipients and celebrate the success stories of small businesses that have thrived with the support of the Rise program. It was a day filled with inspiration and networking opportunities.

Welcoming City Award Ceremony: Embracing Diversity

The Welcoming City Award Ceremony, presented by the Philadelphia Office of Immigrant Affairs, was a powerful reminder of the diversity that enriches our community. It was a moment to celebrate inclusivity and honor those who contribute to making Greater Philadelphia a welcoming and diverse hub.

City of Philadelphia Video Series Feedback Session: Supporting Small Businesses

At the AACCGP office, we hosted a valuable video series feedback session in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia. This initiative aimed to support small businesses by gathering insights and feedback to enhance the resources available to them.

Every Voice Every Vote Partner Gathering: Reflecting on Our Efforts

As the month drew to a close, we had the privilege of attending Every Voice Every Vote Partner Gathering event with the Lenfest Institute. This gathering provided a moment of reflection, allowing us to connect with fellow partners and celebrate the collective efforts made to encourage voting in the recent election.

November has been a month of gratitude, collaboration, and community engagement for the AACCGP. As we move forward, we carry the lessons and connections from these events, fueling our commitment to fostering a thriving and inclusive business community in Greater Philadelphia. Here's to the spirit of collaboration and growth as we continue our journey into the holiday season!

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