Business Outreach Officer VISTA position

Target Start Date: 08/12/2024 · Application Deadline: May 31, 2024

This is a VISTA Project

Member Duties : The overarching goal of the VISTA project is to help eliminate barriers and hurdles that the Asian community faces when starting or growing their businesses. These businesses help them improve their livelihood and build a sustainable income for their families. During the first year, the VISTA’s main objective will be to connect with Asian businesses around Philadelphia and identify the barriers that are critical to Asian business. The VISTA will build a comprehensive database on Asian business, both those currently connect with AACCGP and new ones. The database will include Asian business information and challenges these businesses are facing and their needs. Using this data, the VISTA will create a comprehensive report of issues and challenges that neighborhood businesses face. The VISTA will also focus on bringing available resources that response to the identified needs of the business. Apply Here!
Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia 320 W. Oregon Ave, Suite 4B, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Schedule: Full Time
Compensation Type: Salary