History & Mission

The Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia (AACCGP) is a nonprofit organization registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It was founded exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Our mission includes but is not limited to, promoting and fostering relationships between Asian American and non-Asian communities, providing business support services, and educational services for start-up, businesses that are ready to scale up. We regularly promote activities that support the growth of Asian American businesses in the region, bringing together Asian American business owners and professionals, and community leaders, serving as a liaison between the federal, state, and local governments and other chambers of commerce organizations, and promoting education programs to increase awareness of Asian American businesses.

We are dedicated to promoting regional economic growth between Asian & non-Asian businesses while advancing business-friendly public policies and servicing our members through outstanding programs, benefits, and services. The Chamber's motto is Making Connections that Matter. Through this member-focused community, you can discover what you need and where you need to go, whom to call, and ultimately why becoming a member of the AACCGP is one of the best strategies for growing your business.

As an advocate for regional development, the AACCGP is dedicated to supporting and encouraging the continued growth of each of our member companies in conjunction with the community at large. The Chamber strives to influence business-friendly legislation at all levels of government, participate in initiatives to improve education and the community, present professional enrichment programs, and provide our members with cost-efficient ways to run their businesses.

AACCGP is an advocate in legislative matters affecting small and minority businesses. Asian business contributes significantly to economic and employment growth in this region and nationally. AACCGP works with Federal, State, and Local agencies to provide procurement and business access to the Asian business community.

AACCGP will continue promoting small business entrepreneurship to enhance our participation in the economic growth in this region and also provide technical and educational services for startup and business growth.

5 Key Pillars of Service

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